Asset Backed NFTs
For Collectors, Investors & Connoisseurs

We partner with distilleries and wineries to offer you the opportunity to purchase authentic, unique and exclusive liquor through secure asset backed NFTs.



Rare Whisky Has Returned 535%

over the past decade*

The popularity of alternative investments is growing due to:

Volatility in traditional markets
Low interest rates and bond yields
Record high inflation projections
Technology making alternative investments more accessible to retail investor

*Knight Frank Luxury Investment Index Q2 2022


How It Works

1. Partner

DrinkDrop partners with unique distilleries and wineries to offer exclusive NFTs

2. Launch

Customers purchase limited edition asset-backed NFTs during a launch event

3. Store

DrinkDrop securely stores customer's bottles in a purpose built and fully insured facility

4. Trade

Customers can grow their collections by trading NFTs on the DrinkDrop marketplace

5. Redeem

To redeem, simply burn your NFT via the DrinkDrop webapp and we'll ship you the bottle


Road Map

February 2022

Launch DrinkDrop landing page and website

March 2022

Mobilise DrinkDrop team and complete prototype design

April 2022

Establish pilot brand partnership

May 2022

Launch DrinkDrop socials & discord

June 2022

Complete build and test of DrinkDrop smart contract, web app, wallet integration and marketplace

July 2022

Launch pilot NFT offering on DrinkDrop smart contract via web app

2022 and Beyond

Confirm new launch partnerships, increase marketplace transaction volumes and accelerate growth of DrinkDrop community




Every NFT sold on DrinkDrop is transacted on the blockchain and cannot be manipulated or tampered.

Peace of Mind

DrinkDrop securely stores and insures every bottle purchased giving owners peace of mind.


Every transaction is 100% trusted as it can be traced back to the manufacturer for all to see.


DrinkDrop NFT owners can list and sell their assets (or buy new assets) on the DrinkDrop marketplace.

Asset Backed

Every DrinkDrop NFT is backed by a physical bottle. Simply burn the NFT to received the physical bottle.

Ease Of Use

DrinkDrop will offer regular limited edition drops which can be easily purchased on the DrinkDrop website.


Blockchain Technology

ERC721 NFT Tokens
Ethereum Blockchain
Wallet Integration
Intuitive Trading Platform
Asset Value Tracking


Frequently Asked Questions

DrinkDrop partners with luxury brands in the spirits and wine industry to offer investors, collectors and connoisseurs the opportunity to purchase authentic and exclusive liquor through secure asset backed NFTs.

  • Partner: DrinkDrop partners with unique distilleries and wineries to offer exclusive NFTs


  • Launch: Customers purchase limited edition asset-backed NFTs during a launch event


  • Store: DrinkDrop securely stores customer’s bottles in a purpose built and fully insured facility


  • Trade: Customers can grow their collections by trading NFTs on the DrinkDrop marketplace


  • Redeem: To redeem, simply burn your NFT via the DrinkDrop webapp and we’ll ship you the bottle

An NFT is a non-fungible token. DrinkDrop NFTs are built on top of the Ethereum blockchain and each NFT represents the ownership of a corresponding bottle of a limited-edition spirit or wine. Selling drink collectibles as NFTs ensures that they are authentic, cannot be tampered with and provide transparency throughout the life of the investment.

Currently, there are several problems how the rare spirits and wine investing industry operates.


  • Authenticity: It is difficult to prove the authenticity of an unopened bottle and its contents without tampering with the product or checking the physical liquid.
  • Access: It is difficult for retail investors, who are interested in consuming, collecting or investing in drinks, to purchase the products, especially if they are limited editions that are only available in limited or exclusive locations.
  • Storage: If a bottle is purchased for investment/collecting purposes, it is difficult to securely store it while ensuring that the quality of the contents and packaging are preserved. For avid collectors, with large collections, storage space is another problem.


By setting up all DrinkDrop transactions on the Ethereum blockchain, and linking an NFT to each bottle purchased, buyers can have peace of mind and be 100% confident that their purchase is secure, authentic, and transparent.

Gaining access to limited edition spirits and wines can be difficult without having the right connections and validating that what you are buying is authentic can be problematic. By purchasing DrinkDrop NFTs, you will get access to rare spirits and wines and can be 100% confident that your purchase is secure, authentic, and transparent.

As we grow our partner network, we will inform the DrinkDrop community ahead of any upcoming limited-edition releases. On the release date, DrinkDrop customers will simply have to log into the DrinkDrop webapp, connect their crypto wallet (MetaMask or Coinbase) and purchase the NFT using Ethereum’s native currency, Ether (ETH).

DrinkDrop will offer customers the ability to list their existing DrinkDrop NFTs in the DrinkDrop marketplace. Once listed, potential buyers can either make offers or buy the NFT by meeting the seller’s asking price. All transactions will be authenticated on the Ethereum blockchain using Ethereum’s native currency, Ether (ETH).

DrinkDrop will initially support MetaMask and Coinbase wallets. Further information on setting up those wallets can be found below:

Metamask Wallet Setup

Coinbase Wallet Setup

DrinkDrop securely stores all bottles on behalf of the NFT owner. If you would like to redeem the physical bottle, then simply use the redeem function within your DrinkDrop account. Once redeemed, the NFT will be burned and will no longer exist on the Ethereum blockchain. This is because we can no longer guarantee the authenticity or condition of the bottle once it is shipped to the customer.

DrinkDrop offers distilleries and wineries a brand new sales channel full of enthusiastic crypto investors who are interested in starting their investing, collecting or tasting journey. In addition to creating a community of NFT owners who are keen on supporting the growth of your brand, you will also be entitled to receive pre-programmed royalties every time an NFT is traded (in perpetuity or until the NFT is redeemed/burned).


Meet the Team

Chiraag Mutreja

Financial Services Delivery Manager with experience launching and exiting digital businesses and ventures.

Ali Azlan

A Senior Software Engineer enthusiastic about Open-Source Software and experienced in architecting the software infrastructure of SAAS and Blockchain platforms.

Open Position
Head of Partnerships

We are seeking a head of partnerships with deep knowledge and relationships in the spirits and wine industry.

Open Position
Community Lead

We are seeking a community lead with experience in setting up and coordinating online discord and telegram channels.


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